Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 29: Play Doh!

Today was basically the same until I went to pick Maddie up from daycare. She was playing with Play Doh and dancing to music. Totally in the zone. I asked her if she was ready to come home and she replied, "no, no." That's her typical answer to most things, but never to coming home. She's usually excited and screaming, "bye, bye" as she runs out of the door, but today she had her hands and her body moving all around to the music. 

The teacher put Maddie's favorite song on and she moved her arms and shook her little body. The teacher said she had been in there playing with Play Doh for close to an hour. When she tried to get Maddie and another little girl to do something else, Maddie threw a fit. So, she continued to play with it until I picked her up (screaming and all) and took her home. 

She calmed down immediately and after nap time she got to play with more Play Doh at the house. She was very excited!
Caleb even helped her out by making a few creations. 

The night went well. Daniel and I spent a few hours figuring out "weird math" aka statistics then went to bed. I've never hated one subject so much. Math, great. English, great. Mix the two to create random probabilities? No thanks. 

Anyways, it's over until next week, so maybe we can enjoy some family time this weekend. 

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