Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 18: More Polish Pottery

This morning started with a little bit of breakfast and a whole lot of shopping! We found a lot of great finds and had a great trip hanging out together. 

Daniel said the kids were great today and they enjoyed playing. I got to FaceTime with him and the babies for a few minutes, which made my night!

After our shopping adventures we had dinner at our hotel. At the end of the meal (and maybe some long conversation) the owner stopped by to say hello. 

The owner, Bogden, was awesome to talk to. He spoke perfect English and told us about the history of the hotel and Bolesławiec. There's a clay parade that takes place in August so he also gave us incredible stories of that. It's officially on my to do list now!

We hope to find some more great pottery tomorrow. Goodnight all. 

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