Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 5: Games and Sleepovers!

Today started off pretty well. Caleb had his friend, Zach, come over and play for the day. Since they both go back to school on Wednesday and will have less playing time, I wanted Caleb to have a fun-filled and lazy day. I think the boys managed!

They started off by playing Minecraft on the Playstation. Both loved it and stayed on that game for a while.

This is the set-up of both boys. Later on, each boy would open the recliner and kick back!

Zach brought the game "Catan Junior" and they really enjoyed playing it. Caleb got to learn a new game and also how to follow rules and trade for things. The boys played on their own and once they finished they enjoyed some lunch. 

This is what the game board looks like

Both boys are thinking and focusing on where they want/need to go.

During lunch the boys looked through the "Table Topics Family Edition" and discussed a few questions and answers. One of the questions were, "Will you go to college some day?" Both said yes. Then Caleb said, "After all, that's how you get to play football and become a professional." Zach responded with, "You get to play soccer and become a professional soccer player, too!" I'm glad they both said they will be going to college regardless of the reasoning behind it! I sat in the living room where they could see me but didn't know I was listening. I hear the question being read, then both of them answer. They are both very bright and answered each card differently. Some were funny and some were just well thought out. They seemed to really enjoy it.  

Of course, that game didn't last too long, so they were back off to play games in the basement. I believe the Wii was played as well as more Minecraft. 

Chocolate chip cookies for snacks! Zach was great and chose not to have any, but Caleb ate at least one.
Maddie woke up from her nap and ventured off to find "Gee-Luh" AKA Caleb. She likes to play with Caleb's miniature pool table. She'll pick up the different colored balls and she and Caleb will say what color each ball is. 

She occasionally rewards him with a kiss!

In this picture Caleb is saying the color to her as she repeats it. It's so sweet to hear Madison talk. She is trying so hard and is doing so well with her colors. 

After all of the playing, we did a bath and a little bit of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This is how Madison likes to watch TV. 

Caleb was invited to his first sleep over! He was so excited to go over and play some more and was even more excited that he got to spend the night. 

Daddy, Madison, and baby cuddles. Madison had both of her baby dolls on the couch with her and she was wanting to cuddle up with them. She can be so sweet sometimes. 

We took Caleb over to his sleepover and stayed around and played a few games for a bit. I don't think we have laughed so much in quite some time. My face definitely hurts! We are very blessed to have some wonderful friends who treat us like family. 

When we were leaving we discovered that it had snowed!!

Here's a photo of the road covered in snow. 


  1. I love reading your blog! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us from far away! The pictures always put a smile on my face! Love and miss you guys bunches😘

    1. I'm so glad you all enjoy it! It's definitely a boost of confidence to hear good feedback. That helps me keep it going when I feel like I don't have time for it :) Love you all and miss you!!!