Friday, January 9, 2015

Day 9: School Play

Today was pretty insignificant for me. However, the kids had pretty good days. 

Madison goes to daycare here for a few hours 3 days a week. Anyways, her class is learning a song and dance for grandparent's day next week. Unfortunately, Madison won't have family there, but thankfully, she's too young to learn the dance let alone know whether or not family is there to watch her entertain. She comes home "singing" and she's always dancing around. She is at the perfect age for a combination of fun and headaches.

Caleb came home with news that he will be Osiris in the play, "The Lost Scroll" at his school. He has a good bit to memorize but we are very proud of him. He's beyond excited!

We ate dinner and Maddie found a game that was kept aside for restaurant fun. She enjoyed placing magnets all over the place. 

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