Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 15: Sick Day, Round II

This morning Daniel woke up with a "not feeling so great" mood, so he slept in for a little bit. He took medicine in order to prevent getting too sick and it seemed to keep it all in check. However, most medicines don't take away the nauseous feeling, so he suffered with that. 

Caleb did not get up with his alarm clock so he was running behind. He enjoyed a quick bowl of cereal before heading out the door. He lives Thursday and Friday on the edge. 

Maddie got up in a pretty good mood. She woke up, got her milk, then demanded "go-gurt" her way of saying yogurt. Yogurt is her obsession lately. She loves it and wants it any time she thinks of it (which is a lot). 

She had her bagel with cream cheese then blueberry yogurt. She seemed pretty content after all of that. 

Daniel came down later on and she looked at her book with him. She loves saying words then having someone repeat what she's said. 
We had an uneventful afternoon and Daniel had to go to work for a little bit. 

Once I got the kids bathed, tucked in (Daniel,too) I left for a book club meeting. I was a little late but still got to hear a lot about the book. 

We discussed the book "Daring Greatly." I haven't made it too far into the book (I'm slightly behind) but what I have read is pretty great. I look forward to finishing it. 

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