Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 21: A New Song and A Point System

This morning started out with a misplaced "jumper" (Caleb's uniform) and a lot of coffee. 

Maddie woke up and played a bit before going to daycare. When I picked her up she started singing a new song for me, "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and she did pretty well. She enjoyed a tasteless puff thing that's popular here and took a decent nap. 
(Blurry but cute.)

Caleb got home shortly after Maddie woke up and he had managed to lose his sweater (jumper), one glove, and he forgot to bring home his entire bag of swimming gear. Because these incidents happen more often than not, and I'm at my wits end with him remembering to bring home items, I made a point system similar to one I had seen on Facebook. He has to do chores or kind acts to earn points. Then he gets all of his electronics back. 
He is upset, but seems to understand why I've made the list. He did one load of laundry, so 100 points down!

He also has a great speaking part in a play this week. He plays an Egyptian King. He's pretty adorable. So glad his costume arrived today!!!

I can't wait to see his performance on Friday!

After playing this evening I asked Maddie to clean up. She proceeded by lying in the floor. Silly girl. 

Goodnight all. 

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