Sunday, March 1, 2009


So, around 2:30 this afternoon the rain turned to snow and it wasn't long at all before it started to stick. It's about 32-33 degrees outside so it's the perfect weather. Anyways, Caleb woke up from his nap and couldn't believe what all he saw. Needless to say, in no time at all, he had to put on his snow boots and go out and play. I was able to get some good pictures of him trying to catch the snow on his tongue and also trying to throw snow balls. He was wearing mittens so he had a harder time than normal.

Okay, so I wrote the top part of this post on Sunday and also tried to post it, but we ended up losing power, so I wasn't able to. We were without power for almost 24 hours...ugh! Talk about hard for someone who's never experienced it for that much time. We did fine, but it was definitely something I won't ever forget. Caleb had enough battery left in his DVD player to get through the night, then the next day we were able to build a snowman and play in the snow so it wasn't too bad for all of us. My mom and dad were champs and even tried to cook breakfast the next morning on the wood stove so overall it was eventful and funny. Here are the pictures that I mentioned above and also some additional ones. BTW (by the way) we ended up with about 5" of snow total.

Caleb looking up at the snow. He thought it was funny when it hit him in the face.

Trees around the house

The road and our yard to the left a greenhouse to the right.

Caleb getting ready to throw a snowball

The one place he chose...the truck.

The truck before the snow got heavier.

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  1. WOW!!! Looks awful COLD! It was in the 70s here today. Supposed to be 80 by the weekend.