Sunday, August 2, 2009

Caleb's Swimming Lessons

These pictures are over Caleb's last two days of swimming with the class of PS1 (Pre-school swim level 1) which was this past Thursday and Friday, July 30th and 31st. He's growing so fast on us and has done so well in his classes. He'll be moving up to PS2 starting Monday, August 3rd. He's now able to swim on his own for a few seconds at a time, and he's still trying to balance it all out, but overall he's doing so well. He can hold his breath for about 7 seconds and he can go under without holding his nose and freaking out. He's also went under and opened his eyes (but didn't care for it too much). We're so proud of him for all that he's accomplished in such a short amount of time!! He loved his teacher this time, Ms. Angel. All of the instructors are from Northern Iowa in a college program. The program allows them to come out for free for the summer and teach the kids. Once the swim lessons are over, they go back to school. Anyways, Caleb's still working on a few things, but overall is doing wonderful!! He's not the best in a life jacket, but he's great with his arm floats and without them. Enjoy the pictures and there will be two videos at the bottom to let you see how things went. On the last day, Friday, it was an hour session and the parents got to swim with the kids for the first 30 minutes then we all got out and had snacks that all the parents brought. We had a blast and it's so much fun watching Caleb grow and learn. Love you all!!

All the kids were listening to the two instructors talk about safety and what they needed to do if someone was in trouble. They learned what a lifeguard is and what a lifeguard does. They also learned what the number is you call when there is an emergency.

About to jump in with the life jackets and swim around for a few minutes.

Yes, that's my kid spitting water over the side of the pool.

Watching the other kids about to jump in the water.

Caleb being silly.

Me and Caleb during the family swim.

Him giving me the best hug!!!

This video is Caleb swimming by himself to the wall. He finally bumped into it later on so now he reaches a little better with his hands, but here's a little peak at what he can do now.

This video is of Caleb swimming with his life jacket on. He was so funny because he couldn't really stay on his belly. He would get on his back and try and roll over to get on his belly, then it'd flip him over again, lol. He was really funny and the instructors loved it (they thought he was doing it on purpose - but he was just trying to get balanced).

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