Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Fun Filled Weekend!

This weekend was very busy for us. Caleb finished up with school for his little vacation (yes he considers having Saturday and Sunday off a 'vacation'), I finished up with work for the day and we made it home to unload our days work and walked down to our local Farmer's Market. We went down there for a few minutes (I had to get a cheesecake fix) and I let Caleb play on the local pirate ship playground while I purchased my goodies. While we were there I met with an amazing person which will be allowing us to use her Green Room and her karaoke services during Caleb's birthday party. She told him he was getting the works so start thinking of the songs you would like to sing. Oh my, he went crazy at that point. He named so many different songs, so we've started making a list.

Later that evening we had the pleasure of babysitting a beautiful little boy which turned 1 in June. He and Caleb played so well together and had the greatest time! Caleb just loves "Markie" and loves teaching him and showing him new things. Here's a few pictures of them playing.

He passed out a little after 8PM (such an amazing little baby boy).

Later that night we talked with Daniel and Caleb was able to tell him goodnight. Caleb has really enjoyed Skyping with Daniel. He really misses him and will have those sad moments where he talks about him and questions why he's gone, but overall he does great and he's such a trooper to go through something that's still really hard for the 'grown-ups' to deal with. Here are a few pictures of our Skype date.

Caleb holding the computer as still as he can manage as he poses for the camera.

Daniel still in bed (we were his wake-up call) and trying to manage a smile (I know it's dark).

After the boys went down, Caleb was out at 9PM, I watched a little TV until the parents arrived to take Markie home. They enjoyed a date night with dinner and the Lt. Dan Band Concert which went really well. The weather was perfect here for that concert for sure!

Saturday started a new day. Caleb, unfortunately, woke up around 7AM begging for breakfast, so we were up earlier than I had planned. I had to be at work around 9:30AM so Caleb went over to Markie's house for the day until I got off which was around 3PM. Once off, we went to a birthday party at Pigeon Point Park which we had never been to. It was beautiful!! Definitely a new favorite and it was packed (probably because it is so nice).

Caleb's classmate, Eric, had his party at that park that afternoon so we stopped by to enjoy some playtime and some cake of course. Here are a few pictures from that day.

The park is full with these trees and has so much to play on underneath!

Caleb had a blast. He loved hopping around on this thing and keeping balance.

The party was themed Star Wars and once the pinata was broken the kids posed with the helmet.

After the birthday party we had a bowling event planned with the Silver Eagles deployed families. Everyone who wanted to come out and enjoy free dinner and bowling that is with Daniel's unit was invited. We met up with a few families we had already met and we also met a few more. It was a nice event and Caleb loved bowling - as usual! The event lasted until 7PM so after that we had to come home, get baths and crash. I think we tried to Skype that night but Daniel's internet was on the fritz. Caleb did have the chance to say goodnight, so that's all that mattered.

Sunday, now Sunday was better. We slept in until 10AM. I fixed Caleb some breakfast which was his most frequent request here lately, his apple jack kind of cereal (cinnamon flavored Cheerios). After eating and getting dressed we enjoyed church and came home to change afterwards. After debating on lunch options, we both agreed on Ruby Tuesday's and took off (a whole 5 minutes away) and enjoyed some brunch. Caleb had breakfast and I enjoyed my salad as usual. Afterwards, we browsed Belk and got swimsuits 70% off. I bought for all of the nephews (sorry Madelyn - nothing your size this time) and Caleb got himself a new one for next year as well. I also found a few things to wear out to the beach/pool within the next month or so and hopefully next year if things still fit!

We had another Skype date with Daniel as he got ready for work, and we finished up with dinner at the house, followed by getting a bath and watching a little bit of America's Funniest Home Videos, Caleb's favorite! We read our devotion and Caleb was out by 8PM.

There you have it! Sorry, this post turned out to be a bit longer than I had originally thought it would be. Nonetheless, if you made it to the end, I hope you enjoyed it. Goodnight or Good day!


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  1. It's fun to get to catch up with you guys this way. I miss you!!