Friday, September 16, 2011

Way toooooo LONG!

As most of you have probably noticed or simply not cared, I have let my blogging days pass me. It's been almost 2 years, since I've last posted. Needless to say, a lot has happened!!!

The most recent update is that Daniel has deployed to Iwakuni, Japan while Caleb and I stay at home. He has 1 month down and 6 more months to go! We moved back to Beaufort, SC (oh what a long story) in June and Caleb started Kindergarten on August 15, 2011. He LOVES it which is wonderful for me and makes my life much easier. I work at an event rental company now as an Office Manager, so Caleb has to go in a little earlier than normal school hours. He gets there around 7:15AM and school lets out at 3:25 which is when I'm there waiting to pick him up! One thing I'm not sure if I love or hate yet, is the fact that the kids here in the school districts must wear uniforms. This makes life easier, sure, but who likes the same colors every day?! His colors (quite unlucky I must say) are: white, black, grey and burgundy. Yuck. I hate that he has absolutely no light colors (other than white, but come on) to wear and he'll even ask, why do I have to wear the same colors all the time?? I'm sure within the next few months we'll continue to ask this question occasionally but for now, we're good with picking out the color of the day. All khakis too for a little boy is also quite the challenge. The bigger challenge comes in when there are to be no cargo style pants or shorts. Who makes the no cargo style any more?! Well, I know if you need to know, but having no cargo on the pants/shorts is definitely not easy to find!

Caleb likes riding in the car, but what 5 year old doesn't want to ride the bus?! Mine had to do it, so I let him one day I knew I would have time to be exactly where I was told. Unfortunately, there are no signs where I was and the bus can't turn around in that area, so I the road :) It was a horrible experience for me, but he's so ready to ride that bus again! Maybe soon. I know of another location now that the bus will pick-up and drop-off at so I know it wont' be as bad if there is a next time.

We live in a new house (condo) in a town called Habersham, located within Beaufort. I'm 3 miles from Caleb's school and within 10 minutes to work. Daniel's within 10 minutes to work as well when he's here, so he's pleased with that as well. We couldn't be happier living here and it's such a nice little place to be. My favorite thing has to be the HUGE Oak trees with the Spanish Moss. Just breathtaking! Habersham also plays host to the local Farmer's Market each Friday from 4-7PM. The last Farmer's Market we went to (Sept. 2nd) the roads were blocked and Caleb and I enjoyed some cheese dip from the Mexican restaurant and also some dancing in the street. They played music and asked all of the men to dance with their 'loves' and no one took part of that. Right before it ended Caleb asked me to dance and we twirled each other in the street. The man then announced that the only person that had the nerve to dance with anyone was a little boy with his mom. Too sweet :) After that and our cheese dip, we line danced in the street to various songs. Caleb and I did the Cha-Cha, Cupid Shuffle, and the Chicken Dance (his favorite).

As far as the rest, I'll update here and there, but hopefully more frequently than not. I need to do a daily update for Daniel, so we'll see what happens!!

The front of our Condo. We're on the 3rd Floor where the window is and to the right.

This is one view of the street and some of the surroundings. This is part of the area where the Farmer's Market takes place.
Caleb riding his bike down the sidewalk to lunch. Nana and Poppy came down for a visit one weekend and we all walked down to enjoy the local cuisine (subs and pizza that day) before they left to go back home. Caleb really enjoyed his bike ride (as he usually does). Training wheels to come off soon. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that challenge because Caleb is very stubborn with me (not 100% where he gets that ;) ), so who knows what's next!!!

This is Caleb on his very first (of many first) day of school. Welcome to Kindergarten!!!

This is Caleb after his first bus ride. He was so happy that he got to ride and be a part of that. He asked me immediately if he could ride the very next day.

Thanks for looking and catching up :) More to come - eventually!!

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