Sunday, January 3, 2016

Road Trip to Germany

This morning we were on the road at 8:45 and decided to make a stop in Poznan, Poland on our way to Nürnberg, Germany. We knew we would be on the road all day so why not detour for lunch?

We arrived in Poznan's square a few minutes before noon when the goats would come out of the clock and headbutt one another.  After the show, we walked around the square quickly as we were all numb from the freezing cold. The temperature was around 12°F and none of us found that refreshing. So, after walking around we found a place that suited us all for lunch: Whiskey in a Jar. We only enjoyed burgers and fries, but the restaurant was very neat and had some American aspects to it. 
In Poznan, we parked next to this car. There were many messages on cars that we walked by. This one was nice to see. 

We finished up and then drove to find Starbucks. We detoured there for a few minutes and then found our way back to the road. 

We made a few stops along the way and also got hung up in traffic for over an hour. We stopped for a quick dinner around 7. It was 34 degrees and felt so warm compared to earlier. We got back on the road and drove the last two hours in the snow. Doing that while on the autobahn, not my favorite moment, but Daniel did great and we made it through. 

We arrived in Nürnberg around 9:30pm and we were all ready for a break. We checked in to our hotel and tried not to be too loud before crashing. On the drive here, Caleb was able to finish reading his book and Maddie watched Frozen at least 7 times. 

Overall, we had a decent day and we can't wait to explore a little tomorrow. 


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