Friday, January 8, 2016

Skiing in Garmisch

We arrived to Garmisch Sunday around lunchtime. We checked in to the ski lodge and got fitted for everything we'd be using for the week. 

We enjoyed dinner that night at the hotel and the kids loved swimming. It was hard pulling them away from the water, but we managed and then called it a night. 

On Monday, Caleb began his week long ski school and Daniel and I took to the mountain. I did fine in the kiddie area, but not great on the bigger slopes. I decided I needed to receive more lessons before doing more, so Daniel ventured on to other areas with some of our friends and I stayed in the safe area. 

On Tuesday, Daniel and Caleb skied a few different slopes, including an intermediate slope. Caleb stayed with his class and Daniel stayed with some friends. They had a great day overall. That evening we enjoyed burgers at a local place and then went back for some swimming at the hotel. 

On Wednesday, Daniel took a break from the slopes and Caleb stayed with his ski class. They went down a black slope which is a more advanced course. The students did great! Daniel and I piddled around and decided we'd both ski on Thursday before packing up. 

On Thursday, Maddie woke up pretty warm. She was tired and not acting like herself. I decided to stay at the lodge with her. Daniel can actually ski so it was worth him going and doing more than I would have on the slopes. 

Daniel followed Caleb's class around for part of the day. They did a lot of different slopes, including the black runs again. Daniel said it was really fast and a lot of fun. Caleb managed to come down it without falling. He was so proud as this had been something he was working on during the week. 

Caleb's class participated in a race down the mountain. It was timed and Caleb came in second place. He was so excited and proud, as were we!! 

Maddie started feeling a little better once the medicine kicked in, but she was still having a rough time. We all joined in on dinner that evening and said our goodbyes as we were all traveling in different directions back to Warsaw. 

We had a great trip and we were very blessed to have made it to Garmisch once more before leaving. We love Germany and Garmisch is such an amazing place. We're definitely going to miss it when we leave. 
Photo credit to a friend of ours. 

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