Monday, July 27, 2009

Caleb Sliding

Here's a video of Caleb coming down the slide. He's so funny at the pool and LOVES the water! He has a blast everytime we go. Most days the slide is closed but this day we lucked out. He wouldn't let us take the arm floats off so he could swim to the edge and get out and do it again, all by himself. He's such a great little boy and we have been so blessed to have one as independent, smart, and funny like he is. He also has a smart mouth, he's sassy, and has lots of attitude right now, but we're working on that. He likes to talk back a little too much too, so we're having to address that as well. Overall, he does great and has so many great days. The best thing about all of that, is the attitude seems to only come out around us...thank goodness!! Daycare still thinks he's such an angel (which he is), but he likes to bring home what he learns there to test us. :)

Caleb and his friend Dax

Waiting patiently in line

FLYING down the slide!!! He goes so fast!!

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