Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 4th, 2009

On July 4th, we had to change it up a little. This has been one of our first years that we've had to celebrate it somewhere besides the beach in FL. We went to our friend's, Mike and Debbie's, house for a BBQ and actually stayed the night before with our dog Diego. That was interesting. We all shared a bed while Diego scratched ALL NIGHT long on the floor!! UGH!! No one slept well at all. Daniel ended up leaving to go to his "Gunny's" house (his boss) for a BBQ. It was during Caleb's nap time and I was helping Debbie cook, so he went solo with Diego. He finally got back right before we started eating and we hung out for a while and talked with friends. We played Cranium then went to the beach and watched the fireworks. They had a LONG show from one of the bases near by. They were gorgeous!! We took a few family pictures while we were down there but you can't really see them too well. We had a great time and really missed being around family back home.

Us on the balcony outside of the house.

Daniel and I goofing off with the camera.

The boys once we got home (and before we did the webcam with everyone).

Me and Caleb during the game Cranium.

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