Friday, July 10, 2009

First Round of Lessons - Finished

On July 10th, Caleb officially "passed" his swimming class to go up to another version. This time he'll be with the instructor. I felt like I needed to be there with him because he's still a little shy around new people. He warms right up but the initial contact in the beginning isn't the best, especially with the water where you have to trust someone. Now that he knows what he'll need to be doing and he's met a few of the teachers we'll be starting our next session on July 20th. He's done so much in this class and is so independent!! We'll take him to the pool on the weekends or later afternoon and we'll let him wear his arm floats, and he wants nothing to do with us. He'll tell us that he can do it all by himself. Sometimes he flips over and can't get back up, but that's usually when he's in the life jacket instead. Anyways, he's a champ and has been a little water bug from day 1. He loves going under and we've only had one accident where he went under a little longer than he would of liked, but he came up and got over it pretty quick.

Smiling at me. About to get into the water.

Practicing our back float
Singing a song, about to go under the water.

Blowing bubbles

Practicing our kicking

Certification for Caleb saying what he's accomplished from the class!!

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