Monday, May 4, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

The day before we flew out Rhonda wanted to take Caleb to the zoo so we drove out and made a day of it. Caleb was all about the different animals and was so happy and kind of amazed that he actually got to see the animals in person. He would look up and say, "that's an elephant", "look there's the giraffe". He was so funny about it all and he was so cute. Caleb walked the majority of the day but we took the stroller so he could have his breaks whenever he wanted them. We would push him until he saw something else and he'd pop up and look at whatever animal we were at. Of course, anything with antlers was a reigndeer, and any kind of bird was a flamingo. We would tell him the real name of the animal and he'd repeat it and lose interest and then move on to something else. They had a water park there for the small kids so after lunch we let him play in the water and run around. The water was pretty cold and he didn't want it in his face so he lasted maybe 15 minutes or so then was ready to move on to something else. Caleb really enjoyed himself and the weather was amazing that day so it couldn't of been any better!

Nana and Caleb looking at the monkeys

One of his favorite things to do - stand on the fence.

One of the animals Caleb referred to as a reigndeer.

The flamingos (or mo-mingos). He says it different every time.

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  1. Mom told me you all had a fun trip. I cant wait to take Cale :)