Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

This Mother's Day we had a pretty busy day overall. We all got up and got dressed and went to a restaurant on base to have a buffet style meal. Think Shoney's just more options to chose from. After that Daniel had to get his hair cut and then we came home. We sat around for a while then went to the grocery store. Daniel had the "range" that coming week (where he shoots to qualify for a certain score) so we had to get some food and stuff for him to take for lunch. I got flowers from both of the boys, an ankle bracelet, and a card from Caleb. After that we had planned to eat at a nicer restaurant in town, but we decided not to and we had either Chinese or Subway instead. Who knows! Anyways, that was pretty much how my Mother's Day was overall. The day before though was our trip to Okuma Beach, so we had a good weekend overall. Here are a few pictures we took before breakfast.

My flowers

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