Friday, May 8, 2009

Ending Ceremony at Daycare

At the beginning of April, Caleb's daycare starts the "month of the military child". The entire month of April is dedicated to celebrating and acknowledging the children of the military families. Since we were gone until April 23, Caleb didn't get back until April 26th. His first few days were a little rough (more on me) but we did fine overall. Friday, which was May 1st, the daycare held the ending ceremony which held a ton of activities for the kids to enjoy and some live entertainment as well. We had one of the Marine Corp bands there (III MEF), some of the Japanese kids doing a culture dance, and a police dog obeying commands and attacking the "bad guy". The kids loved it and also got to enjoy jumping in the "bouncies" and getting their faces painted. They basically spent the entire afternoon outside playing, eating cookies or chips, and drinking tons of juice. Caleb was one of the few kids that actually ate some of the healthier things like carrots and celery, but he had his fair share of the cookies and chips too! I was able to get a few video clips too of some of the different things that went on. Caleb had a blast! Even though the children really don't understand all of the fuss over them through the month of April, try and remember how special and important all of the families and kids really are that have a mom or dad in the service. It's very hard on the adults and spouses when you have to move or go through a deployment, so I'm sure you can imagine a little bit of what the kids must feel around those hard times also. God Bless!!

Eating snacks with his pre-school class.

The III MEF BAND playing.

Caleb and his friend Rayna dancing to some music.

Caleb playing the nice Marine's drum set. He LOVED this part!!

One of the two police dogs they had.

Eating snacks on top of the stage.

Sitting in the police car playing with the radio.

Here is a video of Caleb while he was playing in the police car. He literally got into the police car and buckled up then the cop let him talk on the radio. Too cute!

Here is a video of a Japanese kindergarten class dancing. It's a culture dance that they do here. They were so cute and I know the video is long and very repetitive so the beginning is very much like the end. :)

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