Friday, December 25, 2015

356-359: Prepping for Christmas

This entire week has been spent preparing for Christmas to some extent. Daniel and I worked Monday through Wednesday but stayed busy once we got home. We have also enjoyed watching a few Christmas movies this week. It's been fun! 

Today, we walked to the park. The sun was out and it was beautiful and in the 40s. Warm weather for December in Poland. Maddie asked to swing and enjoyed it for at least 20 minutes. She has always been so scared of it, so seeing her laugh and enjoy it was nice. 

We played on other toys and then left for treats. We got candy and drinks and made our way home. 

We found out a few Marines were going to be in and out during the evening, so we decided to take them their gifts earlier. We bought and wrapped each one a Nerf gun. Daniel and Caleb got in on the Nerf war as Maddie and I watched Polar Express. 

We made our way home and Facetimed with Nana and Poppy. We opened up presents from them and Aunt Chris. Maddie was so happy to see Minnie Mouse and later sat in her backpack with her princess dolls. She was a hoot. 
Caleb enjoyed the items he got and couldn't believe Florida family members could find so much GA gear. He loved every piece of it, and especially loved the note from Chris stating the cup was his and to not let us take it away. 

The kids played with everything and we watched Nana and Poppy open their gifts. Once our call ended we Facetimed with Jason and his family. 

The kids opened their gifts and both were incredibly happy. Maddie has a mermaid Barbie that blows bubbles and Caleb has a new baseball glove to break in. 

The kids and I also baked some cookies. They helped me get most of the ingredients together and then Daniel mixed it all together. It was fun! 

After 10, the kids went to bed and Daniel and I made breakfast casseroles. One for us and one for the Marines. Daniel then took the casserole and stocking stuffers for the Marines from the embassy and put it all together. It was nice they received so much! 
It's been a busy day, but a great one. We're looking forward to tomorrow. Merry Christmas! 
Monday: The Marines along with our DCM delivered toys to a local orphanage here. Toys for Tots was a huge success. 
Being a silly goofball. 
Kissing Buddy goodbye. 
Waiting on Santa. 

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