Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day 365: Kania Lodge Bound

This morning we made sure we had most of our luggage packed for our New Years getaway. We'll be staying at a lodge near Gdańsk and hope to see the town tomorrow. 

The work day ended at noon for us and then we left around 1 to head home. We got all of the luggage loaded up and got on the road around 2.

It's about a 4-5 hour drive, so we were hopeful we would make it there sooner than later with no issues. 

The drive was pretty good overall and Maddie even took a small nap. She woke up really needing to potty though and began screaming to pee in the grass. Thankfully, we were really close to a rest area, so we made a quick stop. We got back on the road and then stopped again for gas and food. 
After a few back roads, a phone call, and a few steep turns, we made it to the lodge we were staying at. We met up with a group of friends and enjoyed a 3 course dinner. We all put the kids down and then enjoyed drinks by the fire. It was a lot of fun overall and we can't wait to see more tomorrow and also bring in the new year with some great folks!

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