Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Day 343: Christmas Cookie Party

This morning we all woke up and got everything we needed for the day.  Maddie picked out a Santa shirt and Caleb didn't have to pack his lunch or anything because he planned to eat at the cafeteria.

Caleb is still doing swimming in PE right now, so he enjoyed his swim class.  He was telling me that he disliked one swim move, but other than that, he enjoyed it.  Maddie had a great day in class and was playing with one of her good friends when I picked her up from school.

A friend of mine was hosting a Christmas cookie swap this evening, so I finalized the cookies I baked and then headed over to her house after dinner.  The people that came seemed to have a great time;  the food and treats were delicious, too.  A few of us stayed a little longer than anyone else just to catch up with one another.  It was such a fun event and the cookies were delicious.

While I was having fun at the cookie swap, Maddie was being defiant at bedtime.  She decided that she wanted to have her lamp on so she kept climbing over to turn it on.  She did this a few times and finally fell asleep when she realized Daniel wasn't going to let her sleep with it on.  She's been whining at bedtime, but she's now falling to sleep on her own.  We're so proud, but I do miss snuggles on occasion.

It's been a long day overall and we're exhausted!  Goodnight.

P.S. You'll have to believe the cookies looked great because I didn't take the first picture. 

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