Friday, December 18, 2015

Day 351-352: Waiting on Packages

I grouped these two days together because they're very similar.  Each morning started out okay.  Daniel had training on Thursday, so I got the kids off to school and then took the bus to work.  

It hasn't been very cold here, so it definitely doesn't seem like December, especially in Poland. 

Caleb had a great couple of days. He finished exchanging gifts with his secret Santa and enjoyed a class party on Thursday.  He also wrapped the gift for his secret Santa and he was surprised that it was that complicated. He said, "you wrap all of these (pointing to the presents)? That's a lot!"  At least he now realizes a little bit of effort goes into it.  He doesn't know his mama enjoys wrapping presents though. 

Maddie had a rough start to each day.  She has been waking up grumpy, so getting her dressed and all has been challenging.  She has had a few good days and seems to really enjoy school.  As soon as she gets there she begins speaking Polish to her teacher.  It's too cute. 

We had a few good days at work and have been impatiently waiting on packages we've ordered and folks have sent to arrive.  Hopefully, we'll get that in soon and be done with gifts!! 

We have a pretty busy weekend ahead so we have a lot to get ready for. 


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