Sunday, December 13, 2015

Day 348: Resting and Catching Up

This morning Maddie slept in until almost 9.  She had a good night overall and didn't toss or turn too much.  Daniel fixed breakfast for the kids and they sat around and played for a little while.

Around lunch time the kids enjoyed sandwiches and Maddie was so happy hers was cut up in triangles. We then watched a few movies, including Frozen.  Maddie took a small nap during the first movie on Daniel and woke up ready for Elsa.  She sang and danced right along with Elsa and Anna.  She could watch that movie over and over again if we would let her.  
Once we finished up with Frozen, we FaceTimed Nana and Poppy and they were getting ready to go to the football game.  We told them hello and spoke to them for a few minutes before telling them that we'd see them later on.

Daniel has had a busy day with laundry and some other things, so I'm thankful he was able to catch us up on all of that.  Caleb had a good day and enjoyed playing pool with Daniel at one point.  They didn't have all of the balls, but they made it work.  It's a table top pool table, so the pool balls are tiny.  Maddie loves to play with the pool balls because they're just her size.

Overall, we had a pretty relaxed day.  We hope this week isn't too crazy, as we have a very busy weekend ahead.


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