Sunday, December 13, 2015

Day 344: Decorating the Christmas Tree

This morning we all got ready and made our way to school and work.  Traffic wasn't terrible, but there were definitely more cars on the road with Christmas in the air.  Daniel and I got to work, but we left for the mall at lunchtime.

We needed to pick up a few things and also do a little price checking.  I tried to find a few things I wanted to get the kids, but I didn't have much luck.  Maybe soon we'll be able to finish up a few of the remaining items.  We enjoyed a sandwich from Subway and then made our way back to the office.  It was pretty easy work day overall.  

When we got home Anna was there with the kids and they were playing games.  Maddie had a great day at school and Caleb got home pretty early.  Caleb has been listening to audio books, so he's made his way through one over the last few days.  He picked up another one and began it today.

We found something to eat for dinner and then cleaned up for the next day.  We then let the kids decorate the tree.  Daniel and I put the lights up and the kids hung some of their ornaments.  It took a long time to do hang a few ornaments, so we put the rest of it off until tomorrow.  Maddie received her Elsa ornament and loved that it played music.  She loves it!  We hung it in a place where she'd have easy access, so hopefully Elsa stays in the tree longer than not.

It's officially past everyone's bed time, so we're all off to bed.  Goodnight!  

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