Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Day 334: Sundays in Poland

This morning Daniel slept in and the kids and I cleaned up a little bit and read books.  Once Daniel came down, we decided that we would not be going to Krakow as originally planned, and instead, we'd take the day to get a few other things done around the house.  I finally ordered Christmas cards (I'm so behind this year) and we did a little online shopping.  We still haven't found the items we're looking for, so we'll keep searching.  As Caleb gets older, it gets harder to shop for him.  Especially when you're overseas and you have to be conscious of the electrical plugs as well as the product quality.  

We enjoyed lunch and then Maddie took a nap.  During that time, Caleb and I hung out while Daniel went to the store to get a few groceries.  Caleb played the Wii for a little while and I finished up a few computer projects.  I'm still behind on so much, but I'm catching up.  I will eventually get pictures uploaded and off my camera, as well as complete other projects.  I have yet to write one thing in Maddie's baby book for instance and she's nearly three.  Anyways, I'm a work in progress and my "list" is never ending.

We had a really good day taking it easy.  This weekend was nice to recuperate and catch up on some items as well as Christmas card and  Christmas list items.  

Maddie had so much fun playing in her kitchen tonight, too.  I spent an hour (at least) enjoying her soup, multiple cups of coffee, and other delicious food of course.  Daniel asked her what the name of her restaurant was and she replied with, "Maddie's Toilet."  I have no idea how these things run through her mind, but we had a wonderful laugh after that.  Caleb thought it was hysterical and was in tears from her comment.  She changed the name a few times, but later came to the name, "Barbie's Toilet."  Either way, it's quite the name for a restaurant.

Tonight was the first night of Maddie putting herself to sleep.  She has always been the kid who preferred to sleep on her own and put herself to sleep, but once she got sick a while ago, she preferred to  have us with her.  Instead of fighting it, we embraced it, but we now feel like it's time for her to put herself to sleep.  

She still gets up during the night to pee and finds her way to our bed, so we'll deal with one thing at a time.  If she can put herself to sleep, I think we'll be much happier!  She did okay overall, but whined and cried for an hour.  She pitched multiple fits, took all of her clothes off (diaper included) and laid on the floor as well as the foot of her bed.  We insisted she keep the diaper on, but told her she could sleep without clothes.  That helped, and she finally fell asleep at the foot of her bed, and once we knew she was out, we went in and covered her up.  

Once both kids were in bed, Daniel and I put up a few streamers up along with a Happy Birthday sign for Caleb.  We then blew up balloons and left some downstairs, and some taped on the outside of his door.  I wrapped his present and left it sitting for him by the fireplace so he would see it in the morning.  We tried to make it as fun as it could be as he woke up, but hopefully seeing those few things will make him smile.  We were also able to make a batch of cupcakes for his classmates.  He was so excited to take in treats to share with everyone.

Our day was good, and we're hoping we have a good Monday.  Goodnight!

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