Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Day 335: Caleb is Officially Double Digits!

This morning we woke up and smiled as Caleb pointed out all of the "cool" things that were left out for him for his birthday.  He thought the streamers were cool (and referred to them as beamers, which made it even cuter) and then said he loved the balloons.  I put icing on the cupcakes as Daniel prepared his lunch, and then we fixed his breakfast.  After breakfast we decided to let him open his gift up from us.  He was so happy, and Maddie insisted she help him.  He received a Nerf gun and thought it was cool that his friend had the same kind.

Caleb made his way to school with cupcakes in hand, and we made our way to daycare to drop Maddie off before heading into work.  We spent the day staying busy and digging out from emails over the weekend, but overall, it was a good and busy day.  We left a little earlier than we normally do so we could be home shortly after Caleb arrived.

When we got home, Anna, Caleb, and Maddie were playing in the basement.  Anna had gotten Caleb a puzzle and a sweet card for his birthday.  She is so thoughtful and that meant the world to us.  She also bought Maddie a little gift and had it out playing with it, too.

We told Anna goodbye and then made Caleb's birthday dinner.  He requested hotdogs and Mac and Cheese (no surprise there).  Daniel and I were finishing up when my mom called.  She and my dad talked to Caleb for a little while and wished/sang happy birthday.  

We sat down to eat, and as we were finishing up, Daniel's mom called.  She began by singing to him, too, immediately causing him to smile and blush.  One of her packages had arrived, so he was able to open that up as she watched via FaceTime.  He received an outfit as well as candy.  He was so excited to have candy of his "own."  We have so much, I'm not sure he'll ever notice it missing!

We finished up with her FaceTime call and then brought over the cake for Caleb to make a wish on.  Maddie really wanted to help him blow out the candles.  She tried twice but couldn't quite reach it.  He decided she could help, and both kids blew out the candles as Caleb made a wish.  After the cake, we called my Aunt Leann.  We had been trying to talk all weekend, but the phones weren't working in our favor!  Caleb received a book from her and the family, so Leann, Jacob, and Olivia watched him open it up.  He was SO happy to receive the latest book: "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and couldn't wait to read it.  We ended our FaceTime calls with Poppy.  Once we connected, Kim played the guitar and sang "happy birthday" to Caleb.  It was really sweet and Caleb loved it!

Overall, he had 6 people sing to him and 2 times he received the song in Polish (from school and again from us at home)!  He was definitely feeling the love today.  He made his way upstairs to take a shower and get ready for bed.  He said he didn't want the day to end because he was having so much fun!

We couldn't be more blessed with such a kind hearted little boy.  He truly is the most polite and kind, especially to others.  He has his moments, as all kids do, but we are very fortunate to have such a well rounded little boy, who rarely causes problems.  We cannot believe he is ten years old already, but we are looking forward to watching him grow into the young man we know he will soon become.

Goodnight all.
Caleb opening his gift. 
Our amazing care package from our sweet friends who are currently in Brussels. 

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