Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Day 333: Relaxing on Saturday

This morning I slept in and Daniel cooked breakfast.  The kids spent the morning watching cartoons and randomness on TV.  We stayed in pajamas and did nothing for quite some time.  I enjoyed two cups of coffee and tried not to move too much.  This day of relaxation was definitely needed, especially since our entire week consisted of shopping, prepping, and then cooking/serving/cleaning up for Thanksgiving.  We're all beat, and it was nice to put the house back together as well stay in pajamas.

We FaceTimed with Daniel's brother Jason and his family after lunch.  Caleb had received  a package from them earlier, so we decided to talk on Saturday so they could watch him open it.  Caleb loved unwrapping each American treat.  He received some of his favorites.  He had his own personal care package, and has enjoyed telling us all, each treat is his.  I usually don't share certain items either, so I don't blame him at all!

After our FaceTime call, the kids played around with toys and Lego's, and enjoyed having nothing to do.  We were able to watch some football games, and stayed up late that night to watch the Auburn and Alabama game.  Daniel and I also stayed up late to watch a movie, so that was a nice change!  We enjoyed having a fire all day, too, and we keep saying that we're only missing the snow.  We won't be here much longer, so we're hoping to get a full dose of snow!  

We had leftovers again for lunch and dinner, so that made cooking easy!  We have so much food still left over it may take us a week to get through it all.

We FaceTimed with Rhonda and Kim later on, and followed up on our conversation from the day before.  We had talked to Tara and Rhonda on Friday and we all shared Christmas lists for everyone.  I got to live vicariously through their shopping experiences and tried to find a few gift ideas for the kids online once we said our goodbyes.

Overall, we had a wonderful Saturday and we were very happy with taking it easy!  Goodnight all.
Maddie was hiding as FaceTime rang. 

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