Sunday, December 13, 2015

Day 346: The Ambassador's Holiday Party

Our day was short for the most part.  The kids enjoyed their days at school and Daniel and I left around 3:30 to get home to the kids.  We had the Ambassador's Holiday party from 5-8, so we got everyone ready and left to enjoy our evening.

There were a few Marines there collecting toys for the Toys for Tots and there were so many people who came to celebrate.  This was the 25th year that the Ambassador hosted the Christmas party, so that was pretty cool to know and also be a part of.  Maddie was wearing a dress so she loved twirling around and dancing.  She didn't care for Santa too much, but she did far better this week than last week at the breakfast with Santa.  She told Santa she wanted a princess.  Thankfully, she didn't specify.
The night passed by pretty quickly and once the carols were sung (in both Polish and English) we made our way home.  We got the kids ready for bed and Daniel and I were right behind them.  We have had a busy week, and the weekend doesn't look much lighter.
Goodnight all!

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