Saturday, December 26, 2015

Day 360: Merry Christmas

We woke up this morning after 9am. We got our Christmas wish: to sleep in! Unfortunately, we had so much to do, we had to hit the ground running. 

We began with opening stockings and then moved to presents. It was fun! The kids had a great time. Every time Maddie opened a gift, she would bring me her paper, ask Daniel, "Can I have another present please?" And then she would sit back down and open a gift. She was too cute! She loved many things, but one of her favorites was her Elsa and Anna dolls. 
We hosted dinner this evening and had a great crowd. We enjoyed great food, drinks, and company. We met new people and made new friends. Maddie loved showing off all of her princesses. She had so much fun. 
Figgy pudding! 
We enjoyed learning about a Polish tradition and then celebrated with Christmas crackers (an British thing) hence the crowns. We had a great time. 

At the end of the night we cleaned up and then facetimed with family. We're pretty tired, so we're hoping to rest well tonight. 

Goodnight all and Merry Christmas!!!

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