Friday, December 18, 2015

Day 353: Friday Laughs

This morning we got the kids off to school and Daniel and I made our way into work. Traffic was pretty bad, but we made it in on time. 

My day was full of things to do, and thankfully I got most done prior to leaving early to get Caleb. Daniel finished up a few things and was able to head home with me. 

When we got home we had discussed going to see Christmas lights. Maddie didn't have a very good nap and came home in a terrible mood. Instead of fighting her all night, we decided to do the lights another day. Instead, we talked to Caleb about his report card, and laughed as the kids played with one another. 

Maddie was eating blueberries and when she finished, she had blueberry juice all over her face. Everything was blue. She went up to Caleb and stuck her tongue out. Caleb screamed and pretended to be scared, so there began the game. She chased him, he screamed, we all laughed. It was pretty sweet. 
We enjoyed dinner shortly after that and then took baths and showers. The kids had a little bit of free time and then they went to bed. 

Daniel and I finished up a few things around the house and then made our way to bed. Goodnight all! 

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