Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day 364: Tuesday Clean Up

This morning Anna came to the house to keep Caleb, Maddie went off to school and Daniel and I made our way to work. Traffic has been very thin lately thanks to folks being gone for Christmas, so getting to work in less than 15 minutes has been wonderful! 

I spent the day getting organized and checking things off my to do lists. Daniel knocked out a few things he needed to do and we went from there. 

Caleb learned of his fate. He has to read one book (his newest Harry Potter one) and write a three page report about it. He then gets to write a two page paper of why it's important to keep up with items, such as retainers, etc. until those things happen, there will be no play dates or screen time. He doesn't seem to be motivated enough to get ungrounded but he'll soon learn this is not a bluff. Hopefully, he'll find time before our next move! 

We spent the evening cleaning up and getting the house in order. I took a few pictures of Maddie playing with Caleb. Maddie also took time with me to play with all of her Barbies. We enjoyed them for a bit and then played with her dollhouse. 

Overall, we had a good night and got a lot done. Goodnight!

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