Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day 363: Margarita kind of Monday

This morning started out okay. Caleb was taken to a friends house, Maddie went off to school and Daniel and I went back to work after the long weekend. 

We pushed through this rather long Monday and got home around 4 to get  Maddie from school. Caleb came home and that's when it began. 

While at his friends house, Caleb lost his retainer. The top piece which was all that remained. He thought he left it at the restaurant that had eaten at for breakfast but didn't bother looking for it once he realized it was gone. He said it may also be in the car they rode in, but he couldn't be sure. 

After texting, I discovered it was in the car so I sent him down to get it. He was still grounded, but from what we hadn't decided on yet. 

The sitter arrived and Caleb was grounded from all electronics. He got to play with Legos and such, but nothing else. The sitter said they had a great time and Maddie was good too. 

Daniel and I left to have dinner at a Mexican restaurant. We ordered huge margaritas when we arrived, which was perfection after the Monday we had. 

We celebrated our friend's birthday along with good company. We had a wonderful time!


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