Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Day 332: Black Fridays in Poland

This morning I slept in just a little later than normal and then made my way into work.  I left Daniel and the kids tucked away in bed and hoped they would all rest.  Traffic was terrible, so my normal drive took quite some time.  To top it off, when I arrived to get coffee at the embassy's coffee shop, the girl was a little behind so it took a while for me to get through the line.  Once I had a coffee in hand, I made my way to my office.  I made it in an hour later than normal, but I decided I was okay skipping lunch for an extra hour of sleep this morning.  Totally worth it.

Daniel took Maddie to daycare after they were up and going, and then he and Caleb got a few things cleaned up around the house.  Caleb went down the street to play with his friend and Daniel did laundry along with a few other things during that time.  The day was overcast and cold, so not much happened outside.

I had plans to go "Black Friday" shopping online, as Poland does not partake in this crazy American tradition.  However, we were incredibly busy at work so I didn't get to do much of that at all.  I had plans to do it when I got home, but once I walked through the door my shopping got put on hold.

I hung out with the family, took a shower, and ate a second round of Thanksgiving dinner.  Everything was delicious, and we hung out during the night and took it easy overall.  Black Friday is much different here in Warsaw, but I'm thankful for the nice, calm day where there was no pressure to go out and buy everything.  I definitely miss it, but I'm fine taking a few years off.

I'll have to keep watching a few online deals in hopes that Santa can fit a few more items in his sleigh.  Hopefully, the items (if I break down and order any) will make it in time for Christmas morning, but you never really know!  I was done with all of my shopping this time last year, but I've definitely fallen behind this year.  So much to do!

Goodnight all!
I came in from work to this. It was so sweet. She slept for a couple of hours! 

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