Sunday, December 20, 2015

Day 355: Dinner with Friends and FaceTime with Family

This morning we all slept in a little late. Maddie and I got up around 9, and the boys came down later on. I fed Maddie breakfast and then drank a cup of coffee, and then tried to be a little productive.  

The boys strolled down a little later and ate some breakfast and then we got ready to leave. 

We tried out the new Dunkin Donuts close by and took a box of assorted ones to the Marines. They bought a Christmas tree yesterday, but didn't cut the plastic off, so it still needs a day or so to fall. We had hoped to help them decorate for Christmas, but that didn't happen today. Maybe we can go back out on Tuesday to put some lights up. We also took them some personalized stockings, our gift to them. 

We were at the Marine house for a few hours and then left to go back home. We drove around enjoying some country landscape and then made it back to our house. Maddie took a pretty good nap on the way home. 
When we got home we got dressed for dinner and then called Aunt Tara. They were doing well and we got to say hello to everyone. We exchanged gifts, so they opened up their presents and we opened ours. The kids loved everything they got. Maddie received an Elsa nightgown and Frozen book. The gown she had to put on right away, and the book traveled with her to dinner. She also got a Frozen towel, so that came to dinner, too (it had to stay in the car). 
Caleb received a dice game we'll have to try out soon, a few balls (which he's been throwing all night) and a lightweight jacket. The jacket is perfect because we never found the one he lost. 
We ended our chat and made our way to Benihanas for dinner. It recently opened up here, so we met up with some people to enjoy it. 
Dinner was great, and the kids loved the food and the show. We will definitely have to go back before we leave again. 
This was outside the restaurant. 

When we got back home, we called Nana on FaceTime and chatted with her. Maddie had on her nightgown and was dancing all around in it and showing it off. Caleb received his birthday present from Nana and opened it up with her. He received the Mega Rotofury Nerf gun and thought it was the coolest thing ever. He practiced his shooting for the rest of the night! 

We said our goodbyes and then the kids went to bed. Daniel and I knocked out one more load of clothes and then called it a night. 


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