Sunday, December 20, 2015

Day 354: Our First Ballet

Today, we spent some time catching up on house chores. We got a few things checked off of our list and then went to a tree trimming party. 

When we arrived, we gave our host two ornaments, one that we made, and one we ordered a while ago for this occasion. The kids had a great time, as did we, but we had to leave shortly after arriving due to the ballet we were going to later that night. 

We came home and changed into our "fancy clothes" and then made our way to the embassy so I could print off the tickets. I forgot to do this Friday, so we had to detour to do it. Once I finished, we were ready to go and see The Nutcracker. 

We left our car and took a taxi to the theater. We found our seats as the show was beginning. Maddie really enjoyed parts of it, but she wanted ballerinas in tutus. She got a little antsy, but was great for most of the night. She was jumping up and down at one point (we were sitting on a balcony with no one around us) and she hit her chin on the balcony's railing. She lost it. Daniel quickly took her out for a few minutes to calm down and they came back just fine. 
We finally got to see the ballerinas dance around in their tutus and tiaras. Maddie loved that part. We decided to leave at intermission and took a stroll down to the Christmas tree near Old Town. 
There were Christmas lights everywhere, and they were beautiful. Somewhere in this timeframe, Caleb realized he didn't have his retainer. He remembered leaving it on the steps at the tree trimming party. So, when we got to our car we headed back to our friend's house and found the retainer. The top piece was fine. The bottom piece was broken into many pieces. So, yeah. Fun times! 

We left there and then made our way to the third event of the night, an ugly sweater party. We were in ballet gear and an hour late, but we made it! 

We had a great time visiting with friends and meeting new people. I even met a lady from Anderson, SC. It was great! 

We have had a full day, but a great one. Maddie is dancing around nonstop and Caleb is humming songs. Overall, life is good. 


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