Friday, April 10, 2015

Day 100: Goodbye Garmisch, Hello Dresden

This morning we said a lot of "see you laters" to old and new friends. We also enjoyed breakfast and packed up the remainder of our things. 

Once we were on the road we were making great time. We got through Munich, and traffic began to get slower and slower. The autobahn was SO slow which made it even more dangerous. Having people pass by doing 110 mph and then going to a standstill was insane. 

On top of the traffic fun, Maddie was having a really hard time using the bathroom. She would cry out "pee pee potty" so we would stop and let her use her travel potty. She wouldn't do anything other than cry and scream "all done" so we would put her back in the car, go another 3 miles only for her to begin crying again. The drive to Dresden should have been roughly 5 1/2 hours and it took roughly 7 hours or so. 

We finally entered Dresden and found our hotel. We have a lot planned for tomorrow so hopefully it won't take too long to get where we plan to go. 
Most of our view today was this. We really enjoyed seeing the beautiful countryside. 
Also, this is post number 100! I'm actually a bit surprised I made it this far!!  It's exhausting at times, but I do it for those of you who have told us how much you enjoy it. So for that, thank you! Much love. 

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