Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day 101: Dresden and Tropical Islands Adventure

This morning we got up and walked around Dresden, Germany for a little bit. We found breakfast, coffee, and then left for Tropical Islands Adventure. Dresden is one of the most beautiful cities we've been to. Daniel and I wished we had more time to walk around it but we didn't. We just soaked in what little bit we could. 

We drove about an hour and entered the inside waterpark oasis known as Tropical Islands Adventure. This place was originally a German aircraft hangar. Here's a link to learn more if you're interested. The article gives great photos, too!
Maddie loved the kiddie area and Caleb loved the slides. The largest slide was a lot of fun. After Caleb went down it for his 3rd time we were informed that he wasn't old enough. That slide had a minimum age requirement of 15. Opps! He loved every second though.
Maddie fell asleep on Daniel during lunch and woke up a little clingy. She quickly got over that and went over and played on the slide. They had a lot of fun hanging out together.
We all played in the pool, enjoyed some food, and took in all the sites. This place was also nice because no one was conscious of their weight. There were so many people there, of all different sizes, and most flaunted a lot! It was very refreshing to not be distracted with feeling inadequate and constantly trying to stay covered up with towels, etc. everyone enjoyed their company and just had fun. 
We all hated leaving, but hopefully we can visit again soon because it was so much fun. 

We got on the road and began our 5 1/2 hour drive back to Warsaw. We drove through the countryside for the first 30 minutes or so and we couldn't stop comparing it to places we've been before, like Tennessee and a road going to the Berryman House in Georgia. We are truly blessed to have so much. I'm very grateful of these feelings of "home" when I get them. 
The spelling of Warsaw in German made us chuckle. 

We've been through a lot the last few weeks so we're doing nothing tomorrow. I may wake up before noon; however, that's still debatable. 

Goodnight to all. Much love!

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