Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day 106: Super Stars

Today began a little different. Daniel had to go in early, so it was just me getting everyone dressed and off in the right direction. We made it and thankfully we were on time! I had a wonderful set of friends stop me as I was walking to the bus. They offered to give me a ride in. I was so happy because I really dislike the bus!

Maddie had a great day at daycare and enjoyed the fieldtrip they went on. She fell asleep on the bus ride home, which threw off her routine, which meant no nap. Daniel picked her up and he said she was in a loving mood. She was also extremely hyper and was telling everyone and everything goodbye as they left. 

Caleb had a great day at school. He got "Star of the Week" which is an award given to the student who has excelled during the week. He was so proud, as are we! I'll have to share a picture tomorrow because he left his certificate at school. 

After school the kids had snacks and Maddie loved on Caleb. 
Caleb also had baseball practice tonight. He did great hitting the ball. Maddie and I tagged along to practice as well and she played on the slide, in the sand, on the basketball court - the child was everywhere. She had a friend there who slid with her, held her hand, and drove her around on the bike. They were too cute together. 
Maddie and I left early and came home. She loved her supper! She has eaten so much today. 

Overall we each had a good day and Daniel is feeling better, so that is a plus! 

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