Saturday, April 4, 2015

Day 94: Berlin and More Driving

We began our morning a little after 7 when Maddie woke us up. She was so funny waking Caleb up, too. She stood in front of him whispering his name and moving her hands like she was putting a spell on him. She'd then turn and laugh about it. 

Once awake and clean, we went downstairs and enjoyed breakfast. We then figured out what we wanted to see before leaving the city, packed up, and left. 

We had planned to go to the Berlin Wall but the GPS had other plans. We quickly found ourselves in the heart of the city hoping to find a parking spot so we could pull over. Without much luck we parked a few blocks out of the chaos. We walked down to the U. S. Embassy in Berlin and also found the Brandenberg Gate. It was so beautiful. We also walked by another popular landmark, but I'm not sure what it is. Below are a lot of pictures I took while riding and walking by these amazing places. 
Brandenberg Gate
Check Point Charlie

We never made it to the Berlin Wall, but we figured we had success in the things we did see. Maybe next week! 

The drive was about six hours and the kids were great! We made a few stops, but made it into Garmisch, Germany far sooner than we had originally thought. The kids napped a little bit, which was an added bonus. 
We checked into our hotel, unloaded half of the house, and then proceeded to unpack and burn energy. We ate a late dinner, but Maddie had no interest. I brought her back to the room to hang out and get ready for bed. Everyone had baths and I was rocking Maddie to sleep when she threw up. She then got another bath and shortly fell asleep. 

Hopefully she'll wake up feeling better in the morning! 

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