Saturday, April 18, 2015

Day 108: Saturday Fun

This morning Maddie and I got up and let the boys sleep in. We played with some toys and cooked breakfast. She then went upstairs to wake daddy up. 

We enjoyed breakfast and laid around. It was pretty much a lazy day for everyone, which was nice! 

Maddie took a good nap and when she woke up we headed out for Caleb to play a little baseball. At 1:55, Caleb and one other kid was there. So, our 2pm game was a no go. The weather was cold and unpleasant so we left around 2:30. 

We've had a great day spending time with one another and doing nothing productive. Caleb received a game from the Easter bunny, so we played a round of that before going to bed. We also FaceTimed with Nana and Poppy and visited with Aunt Tara, too! Maddie then fell asleep on me. She was so tired and couldn't stay awake any longer. 

Overall, today was a great day. 
Daddy and Maddie spinning. 
"I wear Geeduh's jacket."

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