Monday, April 13, 2015

Day 102: A Day of Catching Up

Maddie started our day with a wake up call around 9:30. She was in a great mood. We all went downstairs and began unpacking some of our stuff. 

Around lunchtime Maddie ate some yogurt and then slept for a few hours. While she napped Daniel did laundry and I caught up on homework. Caleb played and did his own homework. 

After naptime we Facetimed with Nana and Poppy. The kids got to open their Easter packages. Maddie couldn't stop saying "presents!" 

The kids loved their surprises and Maddie begged for each piece of candy until she got a bite of something. 
This evening I had dinner with a friend and Daniel cooked dinner for the kiddos. When I got back Caleb got to open up his package from his Beaufort friend, Matthew. 
Overall we had a great day and managed to unpack and put away a lot of things. 

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