Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 97: Another Garmisch Day

Today Maddie went to daycare while Caleb and I went on a local tour. We saw some amazing sites, and while taking pictures, my phone died. So, there's not a lot from our tour. We also went to a place called the cheese factory and got to sample different varieties of cheese and also learned how it was made along with the process of butter. It was a lot of fun. 
After lunch we went to a wood carving shop. It was so incredible how some of the things looked. They were very detailed and really nice. We got a few souvenirs and then rode back to the hotel. 

Once back I got Maddie from daycare. She had a great time. She loved playing with the other kids and loved snack time. 

The wives went to dinner since the husbands had a work dinner. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed getting out of the hotel. 

Caleb enjoyed his day having snowball fights and then hanging out with some kids at the youth center. He seems to be having fun!!

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