Thursday, April 23, 2015

Day 113: Baseball Players and Doctors

This morning was pretty smooth although both kids slept in. Maddie was upset that I walked in to get her so she screamed for her daddy to get her up instead. I told her that he was at work and if she wanted to get out of bed I was her only chance. She came around and saw things my way.

She enjoyed a banana before heading off to daycare. Caleb also made it out the door on time and with everything that he needed for the day.

Today, Caleb was awarded a certificate for reaching 100 "house" points. The house points are earned when he does something good, so he is one of three that has reached 100 total points. We are so proud! He's also received two "belts" in his recorder karate class (the colors he's holding: orange and yellow), so he was proud of that, too. He can now play three (maybe more) songs on the recorder. 
Caleb had baseball practice tonight so he and Daniel left and spent the rest of the daylight on the field. Daniel said that there was a good turn out and the kids did great. 

Maddie and I spent the evening playing with her doctor stuff and painting nails. She had zero accidents with me today which was huge! She picked out the color orange for her toenails. 
We also Facetimed with Nana on her lunch break. Maddie asked for her Poppy and her Aunt Tara. Once she knew where they were she stopped asking for them, but it was too cute when she said their names. 

Maddie warmed up to me this evening. It was nice to finally get some hugs and kisses again. She's definitely in her own world and does whatever it is that she feels like doing. 

Goodnight all. 

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