Sunday, April 26, 2015

Day 116: A Lovely Sunday

Today began a little later (thankfully). Maddie slept in until 7am. She and I then went downstairs and played until the boys woke up. Maddie had the pleasure of waking up her daddy. She was waiting in the hallway on the steps until I told her it was okay to go on up. She was too cute.

We all got dressed for church and made our way out the door. What we didn't know is that we would be detoured a few times due to a marathon that was taking place. We got to see the lead car and runners go by around the 43 minute mark. I'm not sure where they were in the race at that moment, but it was cool to see a few runners. Once we turned around a few times, we found the right road and made it in to church a few minutes late. We had some challenges while at church this morning, but the message was still good overall. I do miss church back home though and can't wait to have some "normalcy" when we return.
After church we went to a local Polish restaurant and enjoyed a great brunch. Caleb, Maddie and I had the breakfast option and Daniel decided to get trout. They brought out the entire fish, so I'm glad I didn't choose that option! While we were at the restaurant the waiter lit a candle. Once he did that Maddie began trying to blow it out.

We also realized in our car ride this morning that Maddie knew how to count in Polish. She had some help from Caleb, but we could tell she definitely knew a few on her own. It was sweet to hear him help her through it. He can count to 200, so he's way out of our league.

Once we got home Maddie went down for a nap and the rest of us finally got to watch "Big Hero 6." It was a good movie and I'm glad we can cross that one off of our list. We have so many that we'd love to watch but very little time to actually do that.

We FaceTimed with Aunt Tara, Cale, and Madelyn later on. We got to see their newest addition along with stories of how things have been lately. Maddie got to see Madelyn's toys and I'm sure I'll be hearing about Minnie Mouse stickers for a while.

After the phone call it was bath and bedtime. I then finished up some homework and then wrote this lovely blog post. Everyone is doing well and were very happy enjoying a lazy Sunday.

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