Saturday, April 25, 2015

Day 115: A Sunshiny Day!

Today was full of sunshine and it was fabulous! It was 75° and it felt amazing. Maddie woke up early and thank God, Daniel dealt with her early morning crazy. 

Caleb slept in a little bit but had a great morning. He went outside and practiced and then went to his game this afternoon. The game was more or less a practice but Caleb did well. He hit at each bat and fielded great!

While he was playing, Maddie and I enjoyed picking dandelions, picking up rocks, and also playing on the playground. The slide was her favorite. She had a great time. After practice we went to McDonald's for some ice cream. 

This evening we were able to FaceTime with Nana and Poppy. Maddie was a hoot! She laughed, danced, and sang. She put on quite a show. After the call ended Maddie put on her necklace and Princess shoes and said, "Go Maddie, woohoo." She was so funny! 
She and Caleb also played with Photobooth on Caleb's iPad. 

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