Monday, April 13, 2015

Day 103: Back to Work!

Today started out pretty busy. We were all up getting ready and trying to get out the door on time. It was a little extra crazy because it was also my first day at work. It was filled with paperwork and learning new systems, which always makes for a good time. 
First day picture!

Caleb went back to school after a two week break and had a pretty good day overall. He was tired though, which will hopefully get better once we get on a better schedule. He played some soccer at school and also played frisbee with Daniel this afternoon. 

Madison was great at school. She wasn't the happiest once I dropped her off, but she adjusted. She was very tired, too! She had a lot of accidents today, so I'm taking that one day at a time. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. 

Daniel was able to get home a little earlier today to meet with our sitter who will be here when Caleb gets off the bus. We really enjoy her and she made Daniel chuckle a few times. She hung out with the kids and they loved playing with her. I think it'll be a wonderful relationship. Caleb also practiced his Polish with her and together they were teaching Maddie and Daniel some words. 

We then enjoyed some delicious dinner thanks to my sweet husband, but I got stuck going grocery shopping afterwards. It truly is an aggressive sport here. I despise it most days, and I can't seem to plan well enough ahead  to order it online. 

Tonight, Caleb broke my heart. He asked me why I loved Maddie more. I know he was tired and only focused on the little things, but his words hurt my feelings and my heart. He has a few chores and hates that he has to do them, especially because "she does nothing." She also gets more attention going to the bathroom, pitching fits, etc. and he doesn't need that type of assistance, so he views it as us spending more time with her. Nothing was getting through despite what I said, so I told him I loved him and I also loved her and I was sorry he felt that way. 

This is the picture he drew and gave to Daniel. We totally win parents of the year! 

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