Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Day 91: Our Final Day in Palermo

This morning Maddie actually slept in until after 7:30. We woke up to more construction sounds, too, and that definitely won't be missed. We went down for breakfast and then back to the room to get ready for the beach. 

We decided to stay around the hotel today and not venture out to town again. We all laid out in the sun, played in the sand, and Caleb decided to get in the frigid water. We are loving the sunshine and the beautiful water. It's a shame that such beautiful beaches and sidewalks are filled with trash. There was also an 11ish year old boy who came up to us in his underwear smoking a cigarette. Seriously?! It was the craziest thing I've seen in a while. We had no clue what he was asking for, but he scared me a little.
Caleb got a little deeper in the water today. It was still too cold, but he enjoyed running out into it, and then running away from the incoming waves.

After the beach we showered and changed for lunch. We were able to walk down to the other side of Mondello Beach to eat and take in different sites. 
We found a local restaurant and Caleb ordered pizza (again), Daniel had seafood ravioli and I had a calzone. Maddie had her own pizza, too, but was happy to eat whatever. We stopped by a local fruit stand and picked up some fresh strawberries. We then walked down and got some gelato. While we were waiting on Daniel to get back with the gelato, Maddie ate all of the strawberries. She LOVES fruit so she was happy to have one of her favorites. 

Beside our hotel we have a small fun park. We told Caleb that we'd try to stop by there before we left so we planned for it this afternoon. While we were there Caleb jumped on the trampoline and learned to do a back flip. Once he finished jumping he and Maddie went into a playground area and played for a bit. She enjoyed the slide and the balls. 
We went back to the hotel for a potty break then headed back out for another stroll along the beach. We walked in a different direction, but we ended in our favorite little shop. During our walk Maddie fell asleep on me, so she napped for 30 minutes or so. She woke up to our walk back to the hotel. Daniel asked if he could hold her and she'd reply with, "no, no." 
We spent the night packing and getting things ready for tomorrow. We also danced to music and Maddie kept running to the patio screaming, "moon and stars!" She was so excited. The moon was really bright so she had a great one to look at. 

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