Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day 118: Changing Weather

Today was another beautiful day and it was so hard for Daniel and I to get up. We couldn't hit the snooze button enough. 

Once up we got the babies where they needed to be and made it into work earlier than normal. Being early was a good thing because we each had super busy days. 

Caleb had a good day at school and enjoyed playing. His face is getting more and more tan from being outside. His little freckles are precious, too. 

Maddie also had a good day. I picked her up during story time and she told all of her friends bye. She continued yelling bye and going through the roll call of each kid's name as I walked out of her class and down the hall. 

Maddie has a little cold (runny nose mostly) due to the weather changing. It's warm with pollen, then rainy and cold. It almost feels like we're back in SC! We all feel the sinus crud but Maddie is definitely showing the most from it. 

We took it easy tonight and played around in the living room. The kids were exhausted and made it to bed without too many tears. Maddie kept telling me no for bed so she pitched a bit of a fit when I took her up. She was out in no time though. 
She enjoyed camping out in Caleb's hamper. 

Daniel went back to work and I cleaned up and got a few things done that I had been putting off. All in all, we had a good Tuesday. 


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