Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 104: More Easter Surprises

Today was pretty much the same. We got up, scrambled for random reasons, and got out the door later than we had hoped for. 

Daniel and I rode into work together and then I didn't see him again until after lunch. He's been a busy bee. 

Caleb had a great day at school and came home talking about how much fun he had playing outside. Maddie also had a good day at school. She only had a couple of accidents, so today was a better day. 

Daniel cooked dinner on the grill and played with the kids until I got home from work. Both kids really enjoy playing outside. Thankfully Daniel doesn't mind either.

After dinner, they kids were able to open up Easter packages that they received from Aunt Chris. Maddie was so excited to look through her box and was even more excited when she opened up her chocolate bunny. She was not happy when I told her she couldn't have any candy. Caleb was also excited. He was thrilled to have a shirt of the American flag designed with surfboards. He also got Nana's remaining Easter present. He played with that toy for the rest of the night.
This is our mad/whiny face. 

After the kids were in bed Daniel decided to go back into work. I finished unpacking a lot of our stuff from vacation, and it is so nice to see the bedroom floor again.

We hope you all have a great Tuesday! Much love!!
Maddie got her travel bed in yesterday and her and Daniel were playing around it. He pretended to fall asleep and she placed her head beside his. Caleb then came over, and laid his head down too. This was such a sweet picture and it only lasted for a few short seconds.

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