Saturday, April 4, 2015

Day 93: Packing and Driving

Today we awoke to snow. Yep, welcome to our weird spring weather. It snowed and rained a lot, but we managed to unpack our warm weather attire and repack with snow gear. Our house is a disaster. I'm so ashamed of how we left it, but with the tantrum Maddie was throwing, I couldn't have cared less at that time. We have clothes (all clean) lying around everywhere and random bags and shoes, too. 

We finally got on the road around 4:30 and immediately hit traffic jams. There was an accident in one place and who knows what in the other. We decided to see a different part of Germany before we had to arrive in Garmisch for Daniel's work conference. So, we drove to Berlin. It should only be a 5 hour or so drive, but it took us around 6 1/2. We drove through a lot of rain and snow and just a little bit of sunshine. 

On the bright side, Maddie was asleep within the first 10 minutes and slept for 3 hours or so. 
I found a hotel online as we drove and we arrived safe and sound around 11 PM. Maddie came into the room and began climbing on the bed and screaming "bed!" along with other things. She and Caleb played for a few minutes and were too funny with one another. 

It's now well after midnight and Maddie is still fighting her sleep. Maybe she'll crash soon! One could hope, right?! 

Here are a few pictures along the way. 
A little bit of snow. 
The exact setup on both sides. There is no crossing sides or exiting off to it, so it makes sense. 
This sign made us laugh along with the exit sign that read "ausfhart." Daniel kept laughing each time we passed an exit on the bypass. 

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